The FCL.055/ICAO English assessment for PILOTS is designed in 4 parts:

  1. An introductory interview, during which you will be asked a series of general questions about yourself and your experience with aviation;
  2. A simulated flight during which, with the help of charts and written instructions, you will interact with an interlocutor playing the role of an Air Traffic Controller in a short VFR or IFR flight, depending on the questionnaire that you select;
  3. A listening exercise: after receiving a series of questions, you will listen to two separate recordings in which you must find the answers;
  4. A more detailed discussion about and extension of the topics covered during the simulated flight and listening comprehension.

Your level of English will be assessed against a series of criteria covering 6 different skills (Pronunciation, Structure, Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension and Interaction). The minimum level to succeed the assessment is 4 (Operational). All details of the ICAO requirements are laid out in the document below (click to open in a new tab)

ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements
ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements

To comply with local regulations, candidates holding or applying for a Part-FCL license in Belgium must also take a written theory quiz (20 question, multiple-choice – 45 minutes) prior to the ELP interview.

Right-click on the icons below to download a sample exam paper:
Sample Exam
Audio Extract Nr. 1
Audio Extract Nr. 1
Audio Extract Nr. 2
Audio Extract Nr. 2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I book an assessment with AVIAtest?

It’s very easy. Visit our page, select the date in which you are interested, click “Book Now”, and fill in the online registration form. Once your payment is validated, our system will send you automatically the required paperwork for your assessment.

May I cancel a booking?

Of course! At AVIAtest, we apply a very flexible cancellation policy. We just want you to be as relaxed as possible about your experience with us. You may cancel your booking up to 2 calendar days before the day of your assessment.

For example, if your assessment is scheduled for June 15th at 9h00, you may cancel without costs until June 12th at 23h59.59 🙂 We must do this as it becomes much more difficult for us to replace you with another candidate past this deadline, as we also want to give the people on our waiting list a little time to prepare should they be selected to attend instead of you.

But then what happens if I have to cancel last-minute for a reason beyond my control?

First, relax. Take a deep breath. We know that things do not always go according to the plan, and in case of force majeure (what a beautiful expression, by the way), we will gladly offer you to reschedule your assessment at no cost. To secure this, we however ask you to contact us within 5 business days by email at with your booking reference to explain what happened.

Should we be unable to find another date and time that suits both you and us, we will offer you a full refund upon presentation of a written proof/statement accounting for the cause of your inability to attend.

What if I arrive late for the assessment?

If the assessment is already in progress when you arrive, we won’t be able to let you in, for the tranquillity of the other candidates. We recommend you to come to the assessment venue anyway and wait until a member of our staff comes out of the assessment room to report to him/her. We’ll try to find the most convenient way to arrange your assessment as soon as possible.

In all cases, please stay safe even if you see you will be late. We would much rather see you in one piece and late. It’s only an English test, nothing worth taking risks for. 🙂

What should I bring to the exam?

We’ll make it simple. We need 1 single thing from you: a valid, state-issued photographic proof of identity: national ID card, passport, pilot’s license (with photo), driver’s license (with photo)…

If you want a proof of presence, please also bring a printed copy of your Confirmation of Entry (which you will receive by email), and we’ll be happy to stamp it for you.

All the rest (paper, pen, book…) can stay at home. We’ll provide everything you need.

What can't I bring to the assessment?

We were going to try to provide you with an exhaustive list (your pet gerbil Randy, your father-in-law, a train engine, a refrigerator…), but then we changed our mind.

Actually, you may bring what you want with you to the assessment venue, but please be advised that you will not be allowed to take anything to your desk with the exception of:

  • Your proof of identity;
  • A copy of your Confirmation of Entry;
  • A small, clear plastic bottle of water.

This being said, please don’t leave Fido locked in the car while you spend some quality time with us at the assessment. It won’t be long, but still.

How long does an assessment last?

If you have to take a theory quiz (applicable to candidates holding or applying for a flight crew license from the Belgian CAA), you will have up to 45 minutes to complete a multiple-choice questionnaire of 20 items. This part of the assessment is grouped with other candidates.

The English language interview lasts typically between 20 and 30 minutes, then a short deliberation takes place between your assessors and you are given your results.

When attending a session with the theory quiz, all candidates will be invited to report at the same time at the assessment venue. We’ll determine their order for the interview based on the order in which they finish the theory quiz.

When attending a session without the theory quiz, you will be invited directly at the time of your interview.

Do I have to be good with computers to take an assessment at AVIAtest?

No. You can be good with computers, though, don’t misunderstand us. But given that you will not have to use any, it’s not a question that should worry you.

At AVIAtest, everything is done between humans. 🙂

When do I receive my results?

A few minutes after the end of your interview.

Your assessors will ask you to wait outside for a few minutes so that they can debrief between themselves, and then you will receive your results immediately. Successful candidates receive their certificate and the associated CAA paperwork immediately.

What happens if I fail the assessment?

To be successful, you must succeed the theory quiz (applicable only to candidates holding or applying for a flight crew license from the Belgian CAA), the practical radiotelephony assessment, and reach level 4 on the ICAO scale for language proficiency. All details of this scale can be found here.

Should you fail to meet any of these criteria, you will receive within 5 business days an explanation of your result, including dedicated advice from your assessors, and if deemed necessary, a list of partners that provide language training.

Please note that, as per our regulations, unsuccessful candidates may not take a new assessment on the same calendar day as their original one. Candidates failing twice successively may be asked to provide a proof of attendance of a language training course before being eligible for a new assessment.

What happens if I do not agree with your decision/my result?

We understand that we may not always agree on everything. It is completely normal.

Should you want to appeal our decision, we of course understand that. Please download the appeal form below, fill it in and send it within 1 calendar week of your assessment to

A new assessment team will review the recording of your performance and will contact you in due course.

What proof do you keep of my exam?

As per the regulations in force, we must record your exam. We will of course ask for your written consent before starting the recording, and it is very important for you to know that, as per the EU GDPR, we do take all the protective measures to ensure the safety of your personal data.

Moerover, the recording of your examination, although being the sole property of AVIAtest, will never be disclosed to anyone outside AVIAtest and  CAA personnel in the course of their duty.

Will my results be accepted by the CAA of my country?

It only depends on the country in which you hold a license, or where you intend to apply for one.

At the moment, all EASA countries accept our assessment results except Austria and Hungary. Swiss candidates may be assessed by AVIAtest provided they reside outside of Switzerland at the time of their assessment.

Holders of licenses issued by the CAA of Czech Republic : VFR exams are accepted automatically. If you want to take an IFR exam, please consult us beforehand.

Should you have any concern regarding your national CAA, please contact us at, and we’ll make sure you can come to us in a peaceful state of mind.

May I see your official accreditation/EASA certificate?

Of course. Please find it to download in the “Useful Documents” section just below.

Useful Documents

EASA LAB Approval Certificate (Belgium)
Appeal Form