Linguistic Assessor Application

Splendid! You have decided to join AVIAtest as a Linguistic Assessor.

The position

As Linguistic Assessor, you will be rating the proficiency of candidates from various backgrounds in their usage of the English language. As a part of an assessment team composed of 2 persons, you will be expected to grade the candidates against a scale created specifically for aviation personnel. Your participation must be effective (a minimum number of assessments is required to remain qualified), but because we are a small team, we have the advantage of being very flexible on the number of hours you want to work with us.


• hold a Master’s Degree in Germanic Philology (specialized in English) or Modern Languages and Literatures (specialized in English), OR
• hold a University or higher education diploma in Translation or Interpretation in the English Language, OR
• hold a Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent) in English, with the exception of Transitional Bachelor’s degrees.
• be 18 years of age or more;
• be able to provide invoices for your work;
• be willing and able to travel without legal restrictions
• show a sense of composition, teamwork and organization;
• show the highest sense of ethics;
• be willing and able to follow procedures closely;
• be well-mannered, well-behaved, and offer a clean and well-groomed appearance.

A knowledge of aviation terminology is not a formal requirement but is a strong asset.

Application Checklist:

In order to apply you will need the following:

– A scan/PDF of:

  • Your relevant diploma(s)
  • Your state-issued ID (ID card or passport)
  • If not visible on your ID, a proof of residence (utility invoice: water/electricity/phone…)
  • Your resume

– An identity photo

– A second photo (see directions below)

Your journey with us starts here:

Please supply your personal data exactly as they appear on your state-issued ID where applicable:

    1. Your personal data

    First Name(s)*

    Last Name(s)*

    Date of Birth*

    Place of Birth*

    Gender* (Please Select One)

    Country of Citizenship*


    Address Line 2 (Optional)

    Post Code*


    Country of Residence*:

    Telephone Number*

    Email Address*

    Give us a 3-letter code to identify yourself, like a nickname or login code*:

    2. Your language skills


    CEFR Level*

    CEFR Level

    CEFR Level

    CEFR Level

    CEFR Level

    3. Add files

    Your Proof of Identity* (front side or passport bio page):

    Your Proof of Identity* (back side or passport cover page):

    Your Proof of Residence (only if not on your ID):

    Your Resume*:

    Diploma 1*:

    Diploma 2 (optional):

    ID Photo* (see below):

    Second Photo* (see below):

    4. Submit your application

    I consent to the treament of my personal data by AVIAtest in the processing of my application as a Linguistic Assessor.

    Our photo requirements

    We kindly ask you to provide us with 2 photographs of yourself. The files will of course never be shared outside of AVIAtest. As with the rest of your data, we maintain the strictest confidence and care.

    1. An identity photo, which we will store in your file and use to identify you with our regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority, IF they decide to visit us for an audit during an assessment session where you are present. To standardize it as much as possible, please try to stay as close as possible to these guidelines.


    2. A more laid-back image of you

    We are not looking for identity/passport-style photos, but for a more casual image of yourself. We are also not looking for vacation/beach/poolside photos, which would be inappropriate. To give you a rough idea of what we would like, try to imagine that you have to wear an ID badge with a picture of you that gives out an image that you would like to project.