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For each of the following sentences, choose the correct verb between 'to be' and 'to have':
There _____ a calculator in my bag.
She _____ Swiss.
John's car _____ blue.
My sister _____ 32 years old
He _____ got black hair and a big beard.
The car _____ new but it doesn't run very well.
Who _____ that man over there?
She _____ glasses but never wears them.
Mary's big brother _____ at the party.
What _____ your name?
For each of the following sentences, fill in the blank with the correct form of comparative or superlative.
My sister thinks she's (+ intelligent) than me, but I don't agree!
Avatar is probably %BLANK% (bad) film I've seen!
What is (wet) month of the year in England?
Do you think the Harry Potter films are %BLANK% (good) than the books?
Who is (powerful) person in your country?
I think Men in Black 1 was %BLANK% (+ funny) than Men in Black 3.
Is Angelina Jolie (+ old) than Sandra Bullock?
John is %BLANK% (nice) person that I know.
For each of the following sentences, choose the correct form of the missing noun. Is it plural or singular?
These _____ are protesting against the president.
One _____ over there want to meet the manager.
My _____ hate eating pasta.
I am injured. My left _____ hurt.
I clean my _____ three times a day.
The _____ are doing the exercise right now.
They are sending several _____ to fix the roof.
_____ are expensive.
I want to live in a big _____.
After landing, John discovered one _____ of his aircraft was deflated.
_____ is better in a warm country.
Take the first motorway _____ to London.