Our goal: your peace of mind.

All the political changes in Europe are worrying:
What changes are coming to EASA?
Will your English LPR / FCL.055 testing solution still be approved after the end of the year?
How will you handle business with companies outside the EU?

Stop worrying. AVIAtest has your back

By choosing to work with an LAB/FCL.055 provider certified by EASA, you are making the right choice.

No more questions or worries. We are based in the heart of Europe and deliver FCL.055 assessments based on an approval issued by the Belgian CAA. And we are her to stay.

Working with an EU-based partner is a guarantee for smooth business.

In fact, working with EU partners is so easy, it becomes completely transparent. No extra work, no accounting issues. Your peace of mind also goes through that.

You already have your team of assessors? Great news.

It means that they probably only need very little training to work with AVIAtest. We quickly put your team up to speed with our procedures, and you can continue your operations without interruptions. You currently work with interlocutors only? We also have solutions.

What are the advantages of working with AVIAtest?

– Ensure visibilty through our website and strong SEO/Social Media team
-Rely on our IT infrastructure second to none
-Keep your students, pilots and controllers happy with our economical, flexible and efficient solutions
-With AVIAtest, each customer receives a result and certificate immediately!
-We keep all our assessors current and proficient through an extensive recurrent standardizaton programme

Starting up is as easy as the rest!

Simply leave us your contact details, and our team will take care of all the rest: