One thing less to think about

CREWtest is an easy solution to make sure your crew stays current with their language proficiency endorsement.

Simple and comfortable because you no longer need to keep track: our state-of-the-art technology is at your service.

How it works

We keep a database of your flight crew in our system. 90 days before their language proficiency rating expires, a member of our team contacts them personally to schedule their revalidation, and voilà!

Your data is secure with us

We run our management system in the most secure way possible. Encrypted, firewalled, and inaccessible from anywhere outside our offices. Our data server is not even connected to the Internet, and our traceable compliance monitoring scheme ensures that maintenance is performed timely and seamlessly.

Our best argument

It is free. No kidding.

No hidden costs, no fees, no nothing. You will only be charged for the language assessments themselves.

Still not convinced?

Here’s the cherry on top of your cake: where needed, we also take care of the CAA paperwork to have the language proficiency ratings endorsed on the licenses of your crew.

Contact us today. Enjoy the peace of mind ever after