We make your skills count

AVIAtest is the leading elite aviation language service provider of Belgium, with an international presence throughout Europe and Asia. Our network of specialists reaches a potential market of close to two billion people, delivering reference-making premium services to a thriving aviation community, come rain or come shine.

Whether you are an individual, a small flying club or a global airline, AVIAtest is committed to delivering only the best to everbody. No job is too small or too big. Our core value is to bring out the best in everybody.

Our Mission

As the top-tier Language Assessment Body in Belgium, we are dedicated to offering the most relevant, fair and secure aviation language services to every single pilot and air traffic controller, whilst staying one of the most affordable, because we understand the value of things, and that aviation is a high-stakes environment and a finance-critical activity.

Our vision

Excellence is our goal, our every day creed, the light that shines on the path we share with all the aviators we accompany in their career. Knowledge is something we cherish and seek to improve continuously, refusing to rely on our current expertise, however developped it is. We believe in constant learning, both in hard and soft skills. Going the extra mile to ensure we set the reference in language tuition and assessment for a safer and fairer world today and tomorrow.

By 2025, AVIAtest will strengthen its position as market leader and essential source of Language Proficiency Service Provider to inspire its partners and stand out as a reference for policy makers and all stake holders in the community.

Our audience

Because we know aviation is for everybody, we take a stand and commit to offering tailor-made solutions to everbody.

We reach out to young people, to weathered professionals, to those actively involved in ATM, and to everyone striving to become a safer pilot or controller.

Through our unique approach, we deliver assessments that are specifically designed by aviators for aviators, close to their everyday reality and relevant to their position.

Finally a language assessment that understands what we do as pilots.

ATO Head of Training, Slovakia

Very professional people who can help you towards that next level in English proficiency.

Airline First Officer, Belgium
Our Distribution

Our biggest asset is by far our team. We work with a crew of exceptional professionals trained to the best standards and who are always ready to respond to any situation with empathy, the highest sense of ethics and who know how to bring out the best in anyone.

We rely on a second to none technical infrastructure deployed across the world to offer a solid, ultra-secure work platform to our team members so that all our candidates can be served without any delay.

Small and bigger partner institutions also benefit from our strong network, as it gives us all the flexibility to operate in perfect conditions regardless of time and place.

It is simple: we guarantee 100% uptime, no less, and regardless of the circumstances, we can pride ourselves with the fact that for every single language assessment, a successful candidate always walks out with a language proficiency certificate and the associated paperwork, endorsable immediately.


AVIAtest promotes a working environment that is free of prejudice. The aim is for all our team members and customers to feel respected and appreciated – regardless of gender and gender identity, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or beliefs, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity.

Our Code of Conduct describes the values we adhere to as part of our company culture and defines our responsibility towards our users and partners, society and the environment.


AVIAtest operates sustainably, by using resources efficiently, reducing its environmental footprint and setting up working policies respectful of our environment.

Our History

Founded in 2014, AVIAtest has been operating reliably for all and expanding in Belgium, France, Slovakia, Spain and is bringing together language specialists, pilots and air traffic controllers worldwide.

Initially dedicated to language assessment only, we have teamed up with the most reliable partners in language tuition and are now offering comprehensive solutions for everybody.

Since 2018, we have also developed remote tuition and can deliver training to virtually any point of the globe by the use of our state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.

Receiving a language certificate from AVIAtest is the one way to be certain that you will be safe in the air and on the ground.

Jean-Francois De Coster, Manager