Make AVIAtest your in-house ICAO English Assessment

Maximize Crew Avalability

With our comprehensive corporate service CREWtestâ„¢, you can be certain all your flight crews will be up to date with their ICAO English ratings at all times.

Get the monkey off your back, and let us handle all the organisation and paperwork around the Language Proficiency ratings of your staff: it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

1. We process the data of your crew

Our state-of-the-art central database management system was designed by our own specialists to get the job done efficiently, make sure your data is 100% safe by using high-end encryption standards and facilitate all relationships with the Authorities.

We like to think of our corporate solutions as “fire-and-forget”: once we get started, you can leave it all up to us. We provide you with regular detailed reports to keep everybody “in the loop”, but are fully autonomous throughout the whole process, from scheduling to rating endorsement.

Our ICT facilities enable us to be very flexible in our approach to testing, as we are able to handle multiple simultaneous exam sessions in as many locations as required.

2. We deliver the assessments in-house

No time wasted in organising the exams: we arrange the appointments directly with your staff members, handle all scheduling issues and come deliver our assessment into your offices so that you don’t even need to think about travel expenses and extra unnecessary trips for anyone.

Our exam stays the same as for everybody, simple, clear, and straight to the point. We test only what needs to be tested, and do not require any interactions with a computer during the assessment.

3. Your pilots are immediately certified

Our strongest advantage is our ability to provide official results immediately after the assessment. In a matter of minutes, all our candidates receive their EASA ELP certificate.

When required by the authorities, these results are also transmitted securely to the responsible CAA.

Thanks to a strong and close Compliance Monitoring programme, we are able to maintain an efficient work relationship with all the concerned regulators, which enables us to deliver worry-free services to all our customers across Europe.