Why AVIAtest?

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Our ELP Assessments are approved in all EASA countries

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The best value for your money: no hidden fees and extras


Testing locations all over Europe: there is always one near you


Efficient: Receive your results and certificate immediately!


Created by professionals for aviation enthusiasts and professionals


Fair, user-friendly and efficient from registration to certificate!

Practically, what does the assessment look like?

The assessment consists of:

  • A multiple choice theoretical R/T test (applicable only to selected countries)
  • An introductory interview
  • A simulated flight (VFR/IFR)
  • A listening comprehension
  • A follow-up discussion on aviation-related topics

An assessment typically lasts 20 to 30 minutes.

You will be assessed by two raters, one operational expert (pilot or air traffic controller) and one linguistic expert. At the end of your assessment, they will deliberate to assess your overall performance.

Click here for a sample test

Click here for the audio sample 1 (right-click to download)

Click here for the audio sample 2 (right-click to download)


I don’t feel comfortable, this sounds very difficult!

Don’t worry!

There again, AVIAtest has done the work for you! We have a list of reliable training partners who can help you improve your level of English and prepare you specifically for our assessments. Even from the comfort of your home, over Internet video chat. Take a look at our partner Highflyers Aviation for more information.

Contact us quickly at candidates@aviatest.eu. Our professional staff will be glad to assist you in finding the easiest solution for you!


Why is AVIAtest the most reliable partner for my ELP certificate?

AVIAtest has developed a language assessment system that combines all advantages:

  • We are fully compliant with all ICAO and EASA regulations (we are recognised internationally*). Click here to see the ICAO criteria on which your performance will be assessed.
  • All assessments focus on the language skills that are natural to aviation-minded individuals and that you will need to fly safely and efficiently.
  • An assessment that will also make sure that your language skills are appropriate for flight operations.
  • You receive your certificate and associated paperwork immediately, a few minutes after your assessment!

We do not make you spend money and time on things you don’t absolutely need.


How can I be certain you provide me with the most valuable assessment?


  • AVIAtest has gathered knowledge and experience from qualified aviation-minded professionals like Air Traffic Controllers and dedicated linguists and pedagogues.
  • We guarantee that the assessments are designed to value your practical skills to their maximum, making sure your test is not only clear, but also easy to handle and fair for everybody.
  • No need to know useless things. We go straight to the point.


How do you make sure I feel good about my assessment?

A comprehensive Quality Control system is run independently by a professional pilot and flight instructor with more than 7000 flight hours and extensive experience as a Compliance Monitoring Manager to provide you with a complete assurance that you receive the best service that you deserve.



English with AVIAtest

The best value for your money




*AVIAtest certificates are recognised by member states of the ICAO EUR (EASA) and WACAF (Western and Central Africa) regions.