Welcome back to our Word of the Week!

Every week, we look together at a word that is either interesting, funny or mysterious and that appeals to all of us in the aviation community.

This week, we feel generous, so we are going to go with 2 words of the week 🙂

Manoeuvring Area / Movement Area

Manoeuvring Area: that part of an aerodrome to be used by aircraft for takeoff, landing, and taxiing, excluding aprons and areas designed for maintenance of an aircraft.

Movement Area: That part of an aerodrome to be used for the takeoff, landing and taxiing of aircraft, consisting of the manoeuvering area and the apron(s).

Now, it is very easy to understand. If we could summarize it by putting it in an “equation”, this is what it would look like:

Movement Area = Maneouvring area + apron(s)

Do you need a trick to remember? (We did, that is why we share it)

“Movement” is a shorter word than “Manoeuvring”, but it designates a larger area!

Have a nice week, and see you next Wednesday for a new word of the week!