Welcome back to our Word of the Week!

Every week, we look together at a word that is either interesting, funny or mysterious and that appeals to all of us in the aviation community.

Did you know that your house/apartment and a runway have something in common? Well, let’s discover:

threshold (n.)

UK /ˈθreʃ.həʊld/ US /ˈθreʃ.hoʊld/

Originally, the threshold is a strip of wood or stone forming the bottom of a doorway and crossed in entering a house or room. It can also be called doorstep.

In a more abstract meaning, we also can use the word threshold to express the level or point at which you start to experience something, or at which something starts to happen or change. For example: If the engine vibrations pass a certain threshold, you will receive a warning.

But what we are most interested in today is the runway threshold, i.e. the beginning of that portion of the runway that is available for landing. Here is a simple illustration with the runway threshold on the left:

ICAO Document 4444 – Procedures for Air Navigation Services

If we read a little bit between the lines, it does mean that there may be portions of runway BEFORE the threshold that, in all logics, may not be used for landing. Let’s take a look!

There! I hope you are now a little bit more familiar with runway threseholds. Dont’hesitate to ask if you have a question!